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Jim and Cheryl Slopak are the owners of Jim Bob's Chuck Wagon. Cheryl, also known as Mama Bob, has a long history and family tradition of good burgers, good food, delicious BBQ, and a friendly place to meet and eat.  Cheryl's parents, Leo and Marion Lefebvre, owned and operated the L & M Drive In in Yelm for 35 years. The L & M Drive In was located at Five Corners (where the ARCO AM/PM sits today) and was the only hang out for locals after Yelm school games and events in the 1960s. The L & M closed in the early 90s after larger franchises moved into the area. Marion retired at the young age of 73. In her later years, she enjoyed her family and friends, with an occasional trip to Reno with her loving husband Leo and other family members and friends.
Mama Bob (Cheryl) graduated from Yelm in 1966. Back then, Yelm was considered a "small town". There were only 64 kids in her graduating class and in her mother's class of 1940 there were 42 grads! Jim Bob and Mama Bob are blessed to have the history and past memories of their beloved parents. While their parents have passed on, they have memories that will last forever. They enjoy sharing memories with others, and you'll often find Jim Bob and Mama Bob chatting with their customers and sharing stories. Close to their hearts is the plight to help Wounded Heroes. Jim Bob and Cheryl honor and support the military. They recognize the sacrifices our military provide us to protect us, keep all of us safe, and allow us to be free. 
Jim Bob and Mama Bob (Cheryl) feel blessed to be able to continue "a family tradition" of a friendly restaurant. They feel honored to serve families in the communities of McKenna and Lacey, and look forward to meeting new customers.